Bob’s Red Mill

September 13, 2012

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Ingredients: Bob’s Red Mill

Bob Moore began grinding flours with stone mills in the 1960’s. He built his business on three principles: trust, honesty and integrity. The company’s commitment is to help look after people through better nutrition.

Bob’s Red Mill has a separate gluten-free packaging division with specialized machinery to ensure their products maintain their purity. “By going to these lengths, we’re able to ensure that folks with wheat allergies, celiac disease and gluten intolerance can trust that our products are safe to consume.”

From the company website:
“Bob’s 81st birthday was particularly special. Rather than receiving gifts, he decided to give his greatest gift away — his business. Bob surprised all his employees by giving them total ownership of Bob’s Red Mill through an Employee Share Ownership Program (ESOP). For those who know Bob, it’s yet another example of his kind-hearted generosity. As Bob puts it “It was just the right thing to do. I have people that have worked with me for over 30 years and each and every one of them deserve this.”

“You can rest assured that every Bob’s Red Mill employee is committed to sourcing, milling, testing, packaging, labeling and selling the finest products available. After all, it is our business.”

If I didn’t already appreciate this company’s fine variety of grains and flours, both gluten-free and not, Bob Moore’s deep commitment to helping people would have me purchasing his products exclusively! I hope you do as well.

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