Awaken Protein Shake

March 6, 2013

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Simple Knowing

Some mornings you just know you need something  nourishing to make your cells sing and your soul awaken to the beautiful potential of the day.

This was it for me today.

I humbly share it with you.

With love and gratitude. Xo T

Awaken Protein Shake

1 cup of water (I use alkaline)

4 ice cubes

2 scoops Arbonne Vanilla Protein Shake Mix

1 scoop Arbonne Fiber Boost

1 packet Arbonne Energy Fizz Stick, Citrus Flavor

1 cup finely chopped organic cucumber with the skin

¼ cup rough –chopped organic cilantro or parsley, with stems

zest from 1 medium, organic lemon, Meyer lemon if possible

juice from 1 medium, organic lemon, Meyer lemon if possible

1 heaping tablespoon of fresh mint, leaves stacked, rolled and cut cross-wise into ribbons

How To Make Awaken Protein Shake:

Place all ingredients, in order given, into a blender jar.

Blend on high speed for at least one minute.

Pour into your favorite glass.

Sip. Awaken. Breathe.


Makes 1 beautiful and fabulous serving


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