“Carrot Cake” Protein Bars

February 10, 2013

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The 70’s Revisited

The 70’s were a great time for me to be growing up. The public school education system had plenty of money and funded fabulous learning trips, speakers and in-school programs. My teachers were allowed to teach creatively. One of them played Simon and Garfunkel, Beatles and Neil Young songs in class to teach us poetry and about social issues. Another loved ancient Greece and all of our subjects were a reflection of that – ancient architecture, science, geometry and myths about gods and goddesses. I loved the bell-bottoms, palazzo pants, hot pants, platform shoes, fake flower hair combs, green mascara, Indian cotton checked shirts and I loved the food! (cringe!)

Some of my favorite things to eat were: Bugles, Pringles, beef stroganoff, Hamburger Helper, cheese fondue, carob brownies, jello molds with real fruit pieces suspended in them, chicken yakitori, Kraft Easy Cheese in a spray can, Tang (the drink of astronauts!), Carnation Instant Breakfast and Tic Tacs. (double cringe!)

My only major frustration with the early 70’s is that I was too young to be a hippie! By the time I turned eighteen, I’d totally missed that wave. But I did have my favorite dessert – carrot cake – to console me.

According to Food Networks Top 5 lists, their Top 5 Food Fads of the 70’s list rates carrot cake as #5. Fad? What fad? I still enjoy a good carrot cake now and then!

“Carrot Cake” Protein Bars

Raw carrots are a good source of beta carotene, vitamin C and B vitamins, along with manganese, niacin, thiamine, vitamin A, folate, vitamin K and potassium. They are good at fighting inflammation because they contain antioxidants and fiber.

1 cup organic, raw almond butter

½ cup organic raw agave nectar

¼ cup coconut oil (optional)

1 ½ cups canned organic pumpkin puree, unsweetened (1, 14 oz. can)

¾ cup shredded organic carrot (I use the food processor to shred)

1 ½ teaspoons pumpkin pie spice blend (or 1 teaspoon cinnamon plus ½ teaspoon nutmeg

6 scoops Arbonne Vanilla Protein Shake Mix

1/3 cup Arbonne Fiber Boost

1 cup sliced almonds, plus extra for sprinkling on top (about ½ cup)

½ cup shredded unsweetened coconut (optional)

2 cups gluten-free oats (Bob’s Red Mill makes a safe one)

How To Make “Carrot Cake” Protein Bars:

In a large bowl blend together the almond butter, agave and coconut oil, if using.

Blend well and continue to incorporate the rest of the ingredients one at a time. A sturdy wooden spoon and strong arm helps! You may even have to get your (impeccably clean!) hands in there to combine it all evenly.

Press into a 13 x 9-inch baking pan. Sprinkle the top with the extra sliced almonds, pressing down on them so they stick to the pan mixture.

Chill in the refrigerator for about 2 hours; cut into bars and enjoy a taste of a yum + healthy version of “carrot cake.”

Note: These will last in the fridge for about a week. They may be individually wrapped in plastic wrap, placed into a freezer bag and frozen for a couple of months. I cut them into one and one half -inch bars and get approximately 54.

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